Meet Dr. Reena Goyal

I am your Homeopathy doctor, my name is Reena Goyal, I am passionate about my profession and in a constant pursuit of excellence in my practice. Here is a little glimpse of my life, my journey, my inspirations and my motivations.

Imagine an eight-year-old girl, who struggles with frequent abscess formation on the skin, remained half drowsy with prescription antibiotics, had to undergo painful procedures of injections and ointments and getting no respite even after changing multiple doctors and treatments.

Well….That girl was me, my parents suffered anxiety while I struggled with my disease, and that’s when I heard the word ‘Homeopathy’ for the first time,(as suggested to my parents by some well-wisher), little did I knew then that this word would become such a big part of my life.

A few weeks of the treatment of this magical word ‘Homeopathy’ was life changing for me and my family, not only my condition improved, our family became a firm believer and follower of Homeopathy. I was eventually cured of my disease and thus began a new chapter in my life, it intrigued me, what so many doctors, bitter medicines and painful treatments could not do, small sweet doses and a patient listening by my Homeopathic doctor did.

The impressionable mind of an eight-year-old and subsequent years of observing this wonder medicine made me select this as my career choice. I was selected in India's esteemed Nehru Homeopathy Medical college, and completed my Bachelor’s degree in Homeopathy (BHMS) in 1995.

My practice started as a job with a charitable trust in North-West Delhi, with honesty, dedication and hard-work, soon I earned the trust and faith of my patients. I soon started my own practice at a young age of 23. I am proud today to have large number of cured patients, my treatment have shown extra-ordinary positive results on chronic diseases, my practice has patients across continents. My next generation, (my sister Dr. Shubhy Aggarwal, my daughter Dr. Someya Goil and my niece Dr. Manvi Mittal) have joined my practice is a proof enough of the wonders of this Medicine.

There had been few key elements to my work Patient Hearing, Personality assessment, Empathy and my mantra of ‘Magical Minimum Dose’ that has strengthened my patients and my faith in Homeopathy.

It’s been more than two decades; my practice has evolved into an overall well-being advisor with specialized diet chart and nutrition along with the wonder treatment of Homeopathy.

My core strength has been my family who has supported me throughout this journey, I still interact with my patients on hands on basis, we work on one of its kind Patient Information system(PIS), which we have developed indigenously. My Practice is one of the most advanced and patient centric.

I cure disease with you at the center of it.

As Karl Marx famously said….
‘Medicine Heals Doubts as well as diseases’

Join the revolution with me….
Yours truly,
Dr. Reena Goyal

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What Patient's Say

In 2017,there were acne all over my cheeks and neck. No amount of allopathic medication or home remedies worked. Then after trying everything . I consulted Dr. Reena for them. She diagnosed them as Molluscum. With her medication they disappeared gradually. So grateful forher help and treatment.

Himanshu mittal

I am glad that I choose Homeopathy ad met Dr. Reena Goyal as my consultant. From the past 10yrs I am taking her advice for me and my family. From little things to big ailments, she treated them all.
My Hypothyroidism was treated without taking any allopathic medication. Severe pain of gout was treated immediately. B.P Problem and skin problems were always cured without any side effects.
High fever, severe food poisoning were all treated by her. Thanks and all the best to the team!!

Kanchan Gupta

I have been taking treatment for vitiligo from Dr. Reena. All the small patches have now cleared out. And the big sized patches have also started to heal and new skin can be seen coming in them.
Really thankful to Ma’am and I recommend her expertise to all.

Shalini Mittal

I am writing on behalf of Darshna Sharma, your patient. She was suffering from allergy for about 18 years. She is under your treatment now for about a year. We are happy to inform that she has got much relief from the problem due to which she was spending sleepless nights as no other therapy had worked. We thank you the same. She also got diabetes problem some time ago. Though sometimes she has to take the allopathic tablet as advised by a Diabetes Specialist, the medicine prescribed by you has helped her much control the diabetes. Also our sincere thanks for the same.

B.M. Sharma